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Aménagement Alpha, leader in outdoor landscaping, specializes in transforming your gardens, driveways and terraces into true works of art.

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We're here for all your landscaping needs

Layout plan 2D & 3D available. From paving stones to paving, creating cement steps, laying turf, installing and trimming cedar hedges installation and pruning of cedar hedges, we have the skills and expertise the skills and expertise to realize your most ambitious projects.

Turf sales, delivery and installation

Quality sod installation for lush, green lawns. Transform your outdoor space instantly. We also offer mechanical seeding with certified seeds and fertilizers.


Professional excavation services for construction and renovation projects. Site preparation with specialized equipment.

Planting trees & plants

Beautify your space by planting trees, shrubs, plants or cedars. Green solutions for natural fences and private spaces.

Paving stone installation

Create attractive outdoor surfaces with paving stones. Ideal for driveways, patios and personalized pathways.

French drain installation and repair

Installation of French drains and inspection of foundations (cracks) to prevent dampness and infiltration.

Poured concrete work

Solid construction using liquid concrete poured into molds to create durable structures.


3D Landscape Design Services

At Aménagement Alpha, we understand that every outdoor space is unique. That's why we're committed to providing customized landscaping solutions, precisely designed to fit not only the true size of your property, but also your visions and aspirations.

Custom 3D layout plan.
Based on the exact dimensions of your plot and home, we create detailed plans that highlight every element of your outdoor space.
Careful selection of materials.
We'll help you choose the materials best suited to your style and the environment of your property, taking into account their durability and aesthetics.
Precise visualization.
Thanks to state-of-the-art design tools, you can visualize the end result of your landscaping project before work even begins.
3D layout plan - example 1
3D layout plan - example 2

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