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At Aménagement Alpha, we understand that every outdoor space is unique is unique and deserves special attention. That's why we offer an extensive range of services designed to meet all your your landscaping needs. From interlocking paving stones to asphalt paving asphalt paving, poured concrete work, sod laying and tree or shrub planting, we have the skills and expertise and expertise to realize your most ambitious projects.

We also specialize in repairing cracks in house foundations installation of fences, coping stones and French drains, ensuring and French drains, guaranteeing not only impeccable aesthetics durability and safety of your outdoor space. outdoor space.

  • Alexandre Gordon


    Alexandre Gordon brings an unwavering passion for landscaping and in-depth technical expertise. With an innovative vision and a commitment to excellence, he has helped transform outdoor spaces into living works of art, establishing Aménagement Alpha as a leader in the field. His dedication inspires team and customers alike.

  • Patrick Vachon


    Patrick Vachon stands out for his keen business sense and in-depth understanding of customers' landscaping needs. His ability to manage complex projects with a focus on customer satisfaction has firmly established Aménagement Alpha's reputation for excellence. An inspiring leader, Patrick is the strategic pillar of the company.

Qualified contractor to design and build your outdoor landscaping projects.

Aménagement Alpha, leader in outdoor landscaping, specializes in transforming your gardens, driveways and terraces into true works of art.

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